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MAGTEK miniswipe


  • Product Complete Name: 21080202 MINIWEDGE SWIPE READER 1 2 3 BLACK PS2 KEYBOARD
  • Brand :  MAGTEK
  • Model / SKU / Code : CAD00197

More details

RM 380.00

Introduction :

The Mini Magnetic Card Swipe reader family can read ISO and AAMVA card formats.

The readers are available in various interface options.

These readers provide a small package that is only slightly longer than a credit card.

They can be mounted either with the self-mounting adhesive strips or by using the embedded threaded mounting hardware.

Feature :


  • Low-cost, high-quality design
  • Customization available
  • Bi-directional read capability ISO, ANSI and AAMVA compatible Up to 1,000,000 passes with ISO-conforming cards BROCHURE




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