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RM 1,200.00

Introduction :

Speed up the customer checkout experience with the SG20 handheld scanner, available with the industry's fastest 2D bar code imaging technology for quick, flawless scans every time.

Ergonomically designed for the needs of counter top scanning applications in retail, office, library and light manufacturing.

Feature New Configurations Available! The SG20 product line has been expanded to include a new imaging option: EA31.

Like our EA30, this new imager offers blistering fast scanning performance, motion tolerance, and Omni-directional reading capability.

The primary difference is in aimer technology.

The EA30 uses a laser-based aiming system, while EA31 uses an LED-based aiming system that is ideal for customer-facing applications like retail point-of-sale.

The Intermec SG20 is an affordable, high-performance handheld scanner available in a range of models suited to the demands of general purpose countertop scanning.

Features the industry's fastest 2D-imaging technology for highly responsive, dependable scanning Unique, ergonomic styling maximizes comfort and saves countertop space Large LED indicator provides effective visual operational feedback Bluetooth; wireless or tethered (cabled) connectivity.

Choice of imaging options matched to your scanning needs: 1D or 2D scan engines with laser or LED-based aimer’s Wide range of multi-purpose accessories increase scanner flexibility Integrates seamlessly with point-of-sale systems, i O S and Android devices, personal computers, and common software solutions Reliable.

Responsive Scanning is all about speed and accuracy so why hassle with scanners that just slow you down.

The SG20 2D imager features the industry's fastest bar code reading technology, with more motion tolerance than competing devices.

This ensures that all common 1D and 2D bar codes are scanned easily and consistently so you can accomplish your tasks more efficiently.

Perfectly Matched to Your Needs Select between Bluetooth wireless for up to 10 meters of range (32.8 feet), or the simplicity of tethered (cabled) connectivity.

Choose the scan engine matched to your needs: either 1D (linear), 2D with laser aimer, or 2D with LED aimer ideal for customer-facing applications.

Now you can standardize on a single scanner family across your operation, while providing the right solution for your varied applications.

A variety of matching accessories, such as scan stands and holders, enable hands-free scanning and free up counter or desktop space.

Regardless of the configuration, the entire SG20 line is priced for affordability and value.

Setting a New Design Standard The stylish design of the SG20 sets it apart from traditional gun-shaped handheld scanners.

The arching profile of the SG20 is perfect for tight spaces and the over-sized multi-colour LED provides a bright, visual cue to confirm a successful scan, which can be helpful in noisy environments.

In fact, the LED can be programmed to match the decor of your storefront.

Part of a Complete Intermec Solution the SG20 can be quickly and easily configured with Intermec's exclusive Easy Set PC programming tool.

In just a few clicks, this Windows-based utility can print programming bar codes for custom configurations.

Adjust security settings, symbologies, beeper tone and volume, LED colour even set up advanced data-editing routines.

Comprehensive Support Services Available Intermec bar code scanners operate in dynamic business environments, and a support plan can protect you from unforeseen contingencies.

Intermec Medallion Service programs deliver the highest levels of productivity, device reliability, and uptime.

Choose the right amount of coverage appropriate for your operations BROCHURE



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